Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

We confirm that we have complied with the government's guideance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

5 Steps to Safer Working Together

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We will be using appropriate signs on site.

Arbed am Byth want to assure you that we are taking all precautions to keep our staff, contractors, customers and members of the public safe whilst we work during the current situation and make sure we are COVID-19 Secure.

In line with HM Government guidance here at Arbed am Byth we have adopted an organised approach in order to reduce as far as possible the transmission of covid-19. Specifically, we have instructed those who can work from home safely do so, those who cannot work from home will follow strict risk assessments and guidelines.

We are following all the Government advice to plan and carry out Surveys and Installs, so we can continue to make your homes energy efficient while ensuring we do our utmost to prevent spread of the covid-19.

Booking of Appointments

On initial contact one of the Customer Service Team will ask customers the following questions to make sure an appointment is able to be carried out.

We will also ask the same set of questions again on the day of your appointment, in case anything has changed since the booking was made.

Surveys and Installs

Arbed am Byth Installers and Surveyors are contracted and trusted partners of our organisation, they all sign up to adhere to the Covid-19 Secure guidelines and all members of staff will attend an induction to make sure they know how to keep you safe. Installers and Surveyors will always as far reasonably practicable socially distance during the work. Before we enter your home, we will ask for you to secure yourself in a safe area of the property to avoid contact. This includes all members of the household (even your pets). To keep everyone safe. All members of staff are requested to wear face masks and gloves while inside the property and ensure good hygiene is always adhered to. We will ensure clear signs are put up to let your neighbours, visitors and by passers know that work is taking place and that we are keeping you Covid-Secure.


Inspection will be carried out by Arbed am Byth employees, we will be on hand when works are going ahead and after the works have been completed to ensure risk assessment and guidelines are being adhered to. We will try and restrict the number of visits into the property and will be working with installers to make sure we can carry out inspection via virtual platforms (video calls). If inspectors carry out an inspection in a property, we will make sure you are in a secure safe area to avoid contact (even your pets). To keep you safe. All inspectors are requested to wear face masks and gloves and ensure good hygiene is adhered to.

We will be displaying this poster while on site.